Kings Balti Palace is a family-run business founded in the summer of 1996. Since the restaurant officially opened its doors for trading it has strived to establish itself as a local, family restaurant. Serving authentic traditional and contemporary Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine using the finest quality produce, fresh locally sourced seasonal ingredients and imported spices.

The restaurant is situated at the upper end of an old turnpike, London Road, an area in the heart of the local community called Six Ways. In Charlton Kings, a suburb which dates back to the Iron Age as an agricultural settlement in the south east of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire.


The restaurant has an unlicensed soft drink only bar. Although it is conveniently located adjacent to an off- license, ideal for those looking to take advantage of the option of bringing your own alcoholic drinks when dining in the restaurant, no corkage fee applies either. Allowing extra focus and emphasis on aiming to provide diners with an excellent service combined with great value for money.

The restaurant is open every evening, 7 days a week, including Bank Holidays, and even offers a special Christmas Day lunch every year upon advance request. The dining room area has a capacity of up to 55 covers, including a separate function area which hosts up to 20 guests. We can cater for any occasion such as private parties, celebrations, special events, meetings, gatherings, leaving dos etc.

To enhance the dining experience our restaurant has been designed and renovated with our friends and neighbours in mind. We pride ourselves in welcoming diners to savour a great choice of delectable food in a comfortable, family-oriented environment, where all our guests are made to feel at home by our friendly maître d and front of house team.

Our menu has a wide range of selection, inspired by recipes handed down through three generations, developed and refined to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy. Our head chef has over 35 years of culinary experience ensuring meals are prepared to the highest professional standard. In addition to this we have a versatile, experienced and adventurous team in the kitchen.

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